The Young Director Award (YDA). The only non profit organisation to exclusively support and promote debuting international creative talent in commercial film production since 1998.
The Young Director Award is dedicated to up-and-coming young filmmakers.

As a result, the award has become a trendsetter in its field, breaking ground for upcoming directors creating with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques.

The Young Director Award is acknowledged as the most important and must-not-miss fringe event of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where it attracts over 450 participants and over 900 spectators every year and, at the same time, offers prize-winning directors extraordinary exposure.

The Young Director Award is the only award in the world aimed at promoting young directing talents. As such, it paves the way, offering these new directors remarkable opportunities, maximizing their global media coverage and, at the same time, heightening the awareness of various stakeholders and players in our profession, highlighting the fact that one of the most essential roles of producers is to discover, nurture and promote directors.

The CFP-E (Commercial Film Producers of Europe) along with its then President and henceforth Honorary Chairman, François Chilot, inspired and created the Young Director Award 20 years ago. Today, the CFP-E brings together some 20 pan-European associations which in turn represent 600 production companies across Europe.

The US Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), together with the CFP-E and UK Advertising Producers Association (APA), initiated the World Producers Summit (WPS), which welcomes some 110 producers from 34 countries around the world during the Cannes Lions Week.

The Young Director Award jury was presided by François Chilot until 2015. The YDA jury panel includes a host of highly-regarded industry producers, executive creative directors and well-known journalists such as Danny Edwards, Editor of Shots and YDA Review and Lyndy Stout, Founder and Editor of the online magazine 1.4.

In 1984, after working for 13 years as Head of all Productions at TBWA, François Chilot founded LES PRODUCERS, a name he chose and embraced with the intention of conveying the philosophy that humour is the greatest elixir ever and, at the same time, underlining his company’s across-the-board, multicultural identity.

In 2000, LES PRODUCERS entered the ‘Palme d’or’ list at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and became one of the 10 top-ranking production companies in the world.

For 20 years François Chilot held the Presidency of the CFP-E (Commercial Film Producers of Europe), whose goal is to promote the added value that production companies bring to agencies and advertisers and to safeguard the future of production companies.

François Chilot has been frequently invited as a highly-demanded guest speaker and jury for advertising festivals and award events and ceremonies throughout the world, such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, D&AD, AICP Show, AdFest, FilmBrazil, Ciclope, AD Stars, PIAF to name but a few.

His adage for talented creatives has always been that without inherent desire, hard work, phenomenal talent and a pinch of luck, success is unattainable. When you make a film, make sure it stands out from the crowd.