Sign me up: Li Yili

A whisper is louder than a shout. At China’s recent Shooting Awards, it was young director Li Yili’s still, sinister entry for Beijing Water Source Conservation Foundation that rose above the hubbub of fast-cut, noisy spots. In his final year as a cinematography grad student at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, Li Yili picked up […]

Ram Madhvani: Things I wish I’d known when I was 18

Remember the fabulously happy Happydent from a couple of years ago?  That was the spot that first made us sit up and take notice of India’s top director Ram Madhvani. We’ve loved his unique style ever since. In the second of our series, we asked the Equinox Films and Great Guns director to share his […]

Sign Me Up: Sam Wall

We like Sam Wall’s unusual short You Know Too Much. We like it so much words fail us, but, for you, we’ll give it a go. It’s a hypnotic mobius strip through unnatural nature unfolding to the laid-back menace of a William Orbit track – beautiful, foreboding and tinged with intangible weirdness. Or something like […]

Searchlight: Mark Jenkinson

Keep it simple, stupid. Mark Jenkinson, an up-and-comer at glue London’s inhouse production unit Superglue and UK production company Home Corp, did just that with his new spot for The Sun newspaper, a clever pastiche of the oh-so-ubiquitous iPhone ads. Laura Swinton caught up with him to find out about his progress from runner to […]

Searchlight: Puneet Rakheja

Puneet Rakheja was all set for a sensible career in engineering when he was distracted by a metaphorical white rabbit wielding a very real film camera. And Wonderland seems to be treating the young director well, now he’s signed to Believe Media. Puneet tells Laura Swinton why he’s grinning like a Cheshire Cat. When did you […]

Tony Kaye: Things I wish I’d known when I was 18…

Here’s the first of our new regular column Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 18. We’ll be talking to the great, the good, and the gawd dang groundbreaking of commercials and promo production. OK, so maybe it’s stalking but it’s in the name of education, so it’s fine. At least that’s what our […]