Searchlight: Ruth Barrett

Now we like traditional animation, and we like fancypants CG animation. But which is better? There’s only one way to find out…. FIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Or ask today’s director Ruth Barrett whose stop motion ballet for comedian Harry Hill caught our eye and gave us a right chuckle. How did you first get into animation? I studied […]

YDA 2010: Simon Ritzler

Simon Ritzler scooped second prize in the European Film School category at this year’s YDA. But he’not letting all that go to his head – instead he’s cracking on with his final year projects. And given the techinical inventiveness, ambition and old school charm of his winning film, we can’t wait to see what he […]

Searchlight: Alexander Roberts

When Aussie editor Alexander Roberts packed his belongings in a red spotty handkerchief and set off to see the world, he decided to make a little no-budget music video in each country. After all that – and a mind-expanding trip through the Mexican desert – Roberts is back home and is getting behind the camera […]

Sign me up: Amy Engles

Amy Engles made our hearts melt a couple of years ago with her beautiful, emotional 3D film Nora. Emotionally engaging and 3D are not two words that often sit easily with each other, but Engles manages to merge a quirky warmth with her technical wizzardy in a way that we could happily watch her films […]

Searchlight: The Sacred Egg

By day Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye are a mild-mannered creative team at ad agency VCCP. When night falls they don rubber suits and fight the crime of Gotham City. Oh wait. Soz. No, that would Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne. What I meant to say is they transform into shit-hot directing duo The Sacred […]

Thomas Hilland: How on earth did he do that?

Relax. Focus. Forget everything else. Then click and watch Dragonfly Love. M-a-r-v-e-l-l-o-u-s. Partizan Darkroom director Thomas Hilland used the Nokia N8’s impressive HD camera to shoot this fabulous tale. And he sure did use it. The smartphone was strapped to remote-controlled model helicopters for aerial shots, put in a plastic bag for the underwater scenes, […]