New director: Tino de la Huerta

Brought up in a Mexican border town Tino de la Huerta has a bank of stories from the city to draw on to make films for online content, commercials and music videos. Recently signed to The Lift in Mexico City, YDA catches up with the new director. Food, fashion, music videos … and then you […]

Sign me up: Uisenma Borchu

Munich film student Uisenma Borchu captures the myth and spirit of Mongolian horse races for luxury cashmere brand Thos in this stunning branded short film. Here we catch up with the young Mongolian-German director about making the magic tangible. How did the film, Philosophy of Dust, come about? Tschagsalmaa, the founder and designer of Thos, told […]

Sign Me Up: ARTFX graduate students

YDA’s Paris-based Project Manager Soraya Assi continues her hunt for new French graduates who have produced stunning work – and came across this delightful animated film. We catch up with the former ARTFX students Arthur Seguin, Kimberly Honma and Clément Lauricella. Which school are you from and was “Reverso” your graduation film? The three of us […]

Sign me up: Gobelins graduation animators

This wonderful amusing graduation film Rhapsodie pour un Pot-au-feu, about three generations who live under the same roof, caught the eye of YDA’s Project Manager, Soraya Assi, at a recent festival in Paris. We caught up with the animators, former Gobelins students, Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton, Stephanie Mercier and Marion Roussel to discuss the creating […]

Ten-minute Christmas wonder

Germany sure does know how to do Christmas with a Capital C or to be more precise St Nicolaus Day celebrations. 400 santas arrived at Gate 19 at the main station Frankfurt am Main just as live performers started belting out “Santa Claus is coming to town”. Production company Vogelsänger Film was tasked with capturing […]

Sign me up: Denis Parchow

We really liked Denis Parchow’s spec ad for Schwarkopf, it was extremely well crafted and produced. But when his ad for Teddy Bear company Steif came out we knew he’d made a leap into the realm of really good imaginative story-telling as well. Denis is just finishing up at film school so stand-by to see […]