Sign me up: Emile Rafael

Learning the ropes through producing and directing music videos and short films when he can, we like the efforts of London-based Emile Rafael. A quick summary please of what you’re up to now and what led you there? Well, I went to the London Film School, which was a great place to learn the “rules” […]

YDA and the wonderful Ciclopes festival

You may have gathered we like the production side of things. We love good creative ideas but seeing them brilliantly executed and brought to life through the craft of filmmaking is what we, at the YDA, are all about. So we didn’t hesitate to leap on a plane for Buenos Aires to attend the Ciclope […]

Sign me up: Ryan Patrick

The only way to define Ryan Patrick’s style is eclectic – just take a look at his music videos from wonderful cardboard robots to a surreal take on Steve Jobs’ life. YDA catches up with the new directing talent. Your latest video is the “untold story of Steve Job’s as a cooking prodigy”. How did […]

Porsche Student Winners

Winners of this year’s Porsche Student Advertising Film Awards held at Film Akademie, Baden Wurttemburg, Ludwigsburg: 1. Prize (1st Category): Maria Eriksson – “RFSL” – Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sweden 2. Prize (1st Category): Hanna Maria Heidrich – “Life is Calling” – Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany 3. Prize (1st Category): Fabian Fricke – “Toast” – […]

AG Rojas wins MVA best new director

Caviar Content young director AG Rojas was awarded the prestigious Best New Director award at last week’s UK Music Video Awards. Rojas couldn’t make the ceremony due to work commitments, but in true AG fashion made a video message: This year has seen Rojas break through not only into the Music Video arena, but also […]

Searchlight: Claas Ortmann

Growing up, Claas Ortmann sat glued to MTV, adoring music videos from his heroes Tom Kuntz and Spike Jonze. At the YDA Awards in June his second place in the Filmschool European category announced a bright new talent with a quirky sense of humour and great skill for visual comedy. Alex King talks with Claas […]