Searchlight: Tim White

Tim White may be based in Melbourne but he spends most of his time spinning around the world making great films. We catch up with the new director – who was shortlisted in this year’s YDA short film category – about the trials and tribulations of working with a love doll in Tokyo. Waaaay to […]

Searchlight: Ben Strebel

Ben Strebel is on a roll. The winner of our music video category last year has just created one of our all time favourite films – a wedding brawl for Javeon – and is busy shooting commercials too across Europe. We talk with the new director about his meteoric rise over the past 18 months. […]

Searchlight: Mary John Frank

Mary John Frank caught our eye in New York with her spec spot for Converse where she brings her choreography talents to film. We catch up with the new director to see what else she’s been up to MJ, please tell us your backstory. How did you learn filmmaking?  I learned filmmaking by observing and […]

Searchlight: Pensacola

Pau Suris and Pau Dalmases maybe still students at NYU but already they have been signed to Forever Pictures in London and CANADA in Spain. Here we catch up with directing duo who work under the moniker Pensacola Back story please. Let’s start with the name. Pau Suris and Pau Dalmases become the directing duo […]

Searchlight: Niall O’Brien

Niall O’Brien’s latest commercial for Persil is a far cry from his earlier edgy photography and video series on punks and youth.  We catch up with the new director who has recently signed to Academy Films  You’re now signed to Academy Films and your latest commercial for Persil was really well received. What are the […]

Sign me up : Sandin Puce

The European Film School category is perhaps the most exciting category of the Young Director Award. We’re often blown away by the originality and exceptional standard of creative directing work and this year’s first prize was no exception. Frenki, directed by final film school student Sandin Puce, was one of the most exciting films of […]