Winning Post: Space Monkeys

Continuing our series of quizzing this year’s With YDA  shortlisted Spanish directing duo Space Monkeys. What have been your highlights since being shortlisted at YDA six months ago? Mainly the international recognition of our style and our work, which gave us the confidence to go to the next level. Proof of that is our latest spot […]

Winning Post: Remy Cayuela

Next up in our series of quizzing 2014’s YDA winners is Remy Cayuela who won the top prize in the European Music Video category for Afterglow for Wilkinson shot through Able & Baker, London. What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes six months ago? A lot has happened since […]

Winning Post: Hughes William Thompson

The first in our series of quizzing the winners of the Young Director Award in Cannes is Hughes William Thompson who won 2nd prize in Short Film category for his piece, A New Man. What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes six months ago? The YDA has opened a number […]

Balancing act

There has apparently been little change over the past five years since the Film & Television Producers’ survey in 2009 revealed that out of 130 commercials directors in Sweden only six were women. And now the Swedish Association of Producers has been proactive in creating a campaign called “One of Three”. In each pitch between […]

Hot Spot : Gareth Pugh, Ascension

We love a slow reveal… and this 700 fps “Caravaggio painting meets Bill Viola” installation for Gareth Pugh by Legs directors Geremy & Georgie is sheer poetry.

Hot Spot: Zhu, Paradise Awaits

Tomek Ducki digitally animated this music video, both 2d and 3d, and then overpainted it on paper frame by frame. “I refer to it sometimes as manual rendering,” he says, “Rotoscoping over animation if you like. I like this because we have a good balance of controlled movement and accidental results with the painting.”