Searchlight: Ruben Woodin Deschamps & Cosmo Sheldrake

Collaboration is the essence of all good film making and here we explore the relationship between musician Cosmo Sheldrake and new director Ruben Woodin Dechamps,  a creative partnership which is producing wonderfully eccentric and magical music films. Cosmo, your music feels a mix of spiritual and fun, ancient chants and contemporary electronica. It also feels deeply […]

Searchlight: Michael Adeyeye

Increasingly the most sought after new directors are those who can turn a dab hand to other skills such as VFX as well as live action.  One such talent who has caught our eye is Michael Adeyeye with his stunning short film Escape. Escape is a mesmerizing reflection of a boy’s rather harsh experience. How did the idea come […]

Searchlight: Julian Petschek

We love Julian Petschek’s graduation film Butter Ya’Self which he completed at Cal Arts in LA. Here we talk bananas with the new director / animator shortly after signing pan Europe with Supergoober in London. How would you describe your childhood please? And when did you first become aware of wanting to tell visual stories? My […]

Searchlight: Oliver Wurffell

We catch up with Pulse’s latest new director Oliver Wurffell who is about to shoot his first music video following some strong filmic branded work. Please tell us about your background please, and what led you to be making films and being signed to Pulse. I first discovered filmmaking in 2000 after picking up my […]

Searchlight: Kibwe Tavares

Kibwe Tavares was undoubtedly the star of the YDA show picking up the first prize in Short Film, the Jury’s Special Award and the Audience Award. Currently working on a festival film for The Space a new digital arts funding body and developing his commercials career with Nexus we talk with the new director about […]

Norman Bates gives birth to YDA film

Every year we choose a new director to shoot the YDA opening film to a scripted brief from an agency. This year the honour went to Belgian directing duo Norman Bates. We catch up with the young directors and talk about how they created this crazy cgi journey We first came across your work when […]