Sign Me Up: Philippe Tempelman and Kian Zubicky

The Swedes are so good at portraying the bleakness of isolated souls in beautiful filmic ways. Just take a look at this fabulous fashion film cum music video by YDA winning directing collective Philippe Templeman and Kian Zubicky. These guys are about to graduate. Unsigned but bet you not for long. In 2008 you scooped […]

Sign Me Up: Tom Geraedts

When Kanye West comes a-calling, it’s a brave soul who puts him on hold to go travelling. Today’s director, Tom Geraedts did just that because he didn’t want to let down an old friend. But we’ve got a feeling that with his cosmic aesthetics and intelligent insights about film, perception and consciousness, the big leagues […]

Sign me up: KRONCK (aka Jessi Benzing & Maximilian Gerlach)

After Max thought of Jessi as a whacky troublemaker in his hangoverish Sunday and Jessi thought of Max as a childish egoist with an addiction to weird kind of food, they finally recognized that they had quite the same taste in humor, movies and fantastic future visions. So they were destined to pair up as […]

Sign Me Up: Eran Hilleli

So, we were trawling about on the interwebs one day, procrastinating wildly, when we chanced upon a rather funky little film that jerked us out of our drooling stupor. Inside/Out, it transpired, was by an Israeli animation student called Eran Hilleli. So Eran, introduce yourself… I’m 28 living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I live with […]

Sign me up: Li Yili

A whisper is louder than a shout. At China’s recent Shooting Awards, it was young director Li Yili’s still, sinister entry for Beijing Water Source Conservation Foundation that rose above the hubbub of fast-cut, noisy spots. In his final year as a cinematography grad student at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, Li Yili picked up […]

Sign Me Up: Sam Wall

We like Sam Wall’s unusual short You Know Too Much. We like it so much words fail us, but, for you, we’ll give it a go. It’s a hypnotic mobius strip through unnatural nature unfolding to the laid-back menace of a William Orbit track – beautiful, foreboding and tinged with intangible weirdness. Or something like […]