Producer Prize

One of life’s truths is that behind every great director is a producer and we at the CFP-E Young Director Award would like to honor the role of producers in nurturing and developing the careers of young directors with a new award.

We’re calling for nominations from all the associations within the CFP-E and production companies worldwide to put forward a producer who has been outstanding in promoting new talent over the last two years.

We are looking for clear evidence of work that has evolved perhaps from humble beginnings which initially caught the eye of a producer to a well-executed and fresh film production. It’s about the development of film craft rather than creative spectacular ideas.

Please send your nomination to mentioning “Producer Prize” in the subject along with a description of the producer, the work he or she achieved in promoting the new director(s), the name and cv of the director(s) and links to their work.

Deadline: June 1st