YDA winner update: Andreas Roth

Baden Wurtemberg Film Academy student Andreas Roth has been a regular winner and finalist on YDA – see his earlier work below. Now in his final year at the film school, Roth’s piece for Herbaria Tea is a master piece in post work. Here he tells us about the production.

The project is my third-year spot at the Film Academy. It was produced by a production company – where I’m now signed – called Tempomedia and the Film Academy. The production was a huge experience – not only shooting underwater and the whole prep-work (it took us several months from the script – to the final shoot), but also the fact that we shot it at Pinewood. It was great.

 Now I’m in my last year of school – preparing my last two “diploma spots”. After school I would like to go abroad – see the world and try to make cool stuff to expand my reel – not only commercials.

 The UCLA Extension Program was a scholarship from our school which I did last year. It was really great – seeing how Hollywood works, meeting some big studios and having the chance to talk to people from the business.

 First prize equal, European Filmschool, 2011, Dirt Devil, The Exorcist

 Finalist 2010, ISHR Typewriter

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