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Winning Post: Stevie Russell

Newly signed to Partizan, Stevie Russell’s work is eclectic with a mix of comedy, tragedy, live action and vfx. Here we give the Irish-London based director a quick quiz but for a more in depth read with the first prize winner of YDA’s European Broadcast category click here.

What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes in 2012? 
Realising I can make a living being a director is pretty amazing! Also I signed with Partizan this year, a company I have loved for years.

What’s the best film making lesson you’ve learnt?
Try not to waste time on projects that you don’t REALLY love. Or at least mould them into something you can get into, even if it means potentially losing a job. You are taught to do anything and everything when you are starting out, but I’m not so sure about that advice.

What is the wisest quote about film making?
Stay relaxed when facing any form of bullshit and you will get through it quicker, easier and with better results.

Your worst nightmare production story was when….
Being Irish, weather is generally the bane of all my production nightmares. You always manage to make it work though. I generally surround myself with absolute craft ninjas in every department so production nightmares are rare.

What would be your dream directing  job next year?
I have a couple of feature projects that I would love to get going this year. Would also love to shoot in China.

List five of your favorite films from the past year – these can be long or short formats.
Under the Skin, Daniel Wolfe’s video for Iron Sky, Ex Machina, Whiplash and Nightcrawler. So many other great things out there this year. The craft is so good at the moment. Makes me happy and depressed in equal measure!